Corearte Festivals

We are sure that one of our Choir Festival Corearte is perfect for you and your choir. Where do we meet ?

Barcelona is a city with one of the oldest history in Europe, a city full of charm. The variety of artistic treasures, the Romanesque churches and the great names of modern art and architecture such as Dalí, Gaudí, Miró and Picasso, make it a unique city.

Located in the coffee region, on the Central Cordillera of the Andes, near the Nevado del Ruiz.
Also called as the “City of Open Doors”, it awaits us to hug us

To culminate Corearte Colombia and Corearte Córdoba, we will count with the assistance of the director Josep Prats who will be conducting the Requiem of Fauré in two amazing stages, such as the “Teatro del Libertador Gral. San Martin” in Corearte Córdoba and the “Teatro Los Fundadores” in our new destination, Corearte Manizales.
You can not miss this !!!

Cordoba (Argentina) is an important cultural factory, receiving students from around the country and the world. Its university, founded in 1613, is the pioneer in Argentina and the fourth oldest in America.

For our youngest and senior singers

Corearte is back in Tenerife, bridging the generation gap.
Singing, laughing, chatting, sharing, come and enjoy Tenerife with Corearte.
See you there !!!.

We start the summer holidays in the best possible way: singing with new friends!
Music, fun treasure hunts, concerts and tours in Tenerife.

For five days the participants will perform at iconic venues of the Island and enjoy workshops with renowned teachers.
Discover Tenerife with your Adult Choir in Corearte Senior 2022!