Coral Colloquium Corearte Río de la Plata

This colloquium will be transmitted in spanish

We always consider the meeting of the choirs, the teachers and the musicians in general who make our activity a reality, to be very enriching.

This year between December 7th and 13th with the ZOOM platform we will share and develop the talks and opinions of our speakers on various aspects of choral activity.

The speakers will talk about rehearsal techniques, the approach to vocal technique, the choice of repertoires, the importance of choral singing in education, the socializing function of senior choirs and the new challenges proposed by the permanent production of arrangements and compositions.


Pablo Trindade

He studied orchestral and choral conducting, piano, double bass and composition at the Conservatorio Fálleri-Balzo in Montevideo. He is the director and founder of


Néstor Andrenacci

Néstor Andrenacci studied choral conducting with Antonio Russo, conducting with Mariano Drago, and analysis and composition with Francisco KröptI.He has head the GCC Choral


Josep Prats

Josep Prats  has studied conduction with Antoni Ros Marbà at conservatories in Barcelona and Badalona, Spain. He has also taken courses in choral conduction


Cecilia Espinosa

Cecilia Espinosa his musical training was at the University of Antioquia and the Longy School of Music (USA), and postgraduate studies at King’s College

María Guinand

Maria Guinand

María Guinand is a choral conductor, university professor and leader of many choral projects. Frequently invited as conductor and teacher to different events and


Felipe Ramos

Felipe Ramos is Academic of the Music Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, he has been trained in music and humanities. He


Stella Maris Lescano

Stella Maris has a degree in Educational Sciences with a specialization in Educational Planning, Supervision and Administration and a postgraduate degree in “Institutional Analysis”


Francisco Simaldoni

Francisco Simaldoni is trained at the Escuela Universitaria de Música, he is director of the Santa Elena Polyphonic Choir, the University Choir and the


Academic objective

With the organization of these talks we want to exchange points of view and education by recognized teachers of the international scene and friends of Corearte.

To offer a space for exchange, knowledge and rapprochement between singers, vocalists, directors, instrumentalists and musicians in general.

  • Strengthen participants’ knowledge in different areas through talks by and with guest teachers.
  • To reflect on the choral activity for the next years.
    To emphasize the importance of children’s choirs as another tool of education.
  • To prioritize the senior choirs as spaces of artistic realization, socialization, learning, relationship with the community and improvement in the quality of life of the singers.
  • To emphasize the function of the choral festivals as spaces of social meeting, musical formation, capture of ideas and knowledge, visibility before the society and promotion of the artistic quality.

To know more about Cecilia Espinosa

To know more about Cristina García Banegas


Monday, December 7 th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– Choral Music in the Río de la Plata
Raúl Montoro by ACORDELUR
Esteban Conde Ferreyra by ADICORA

– Relationship between Choral Music and Literature
Néstor Andrenacci – Argentina
Tuesday, December 8th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– Choral singing and  senior choirs
María Emilia Puebla – Argentina
Wednesday, December 9th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– The Latin American choral repertoire
Cristina García Banegas – Uruguay
Thursday, December 10th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– Choral Singing and Human Rights
Stella Maris Lescano – Argentina
Francisco Simaldoni – Uruguay

Friday December 11th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– The direction of a choral symphonic work
Cecilia Espinosa – Colombia
Carlos Rivera Aponte – Puerto Rico
Saturday December 12th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– Arrangements, compositions and multidisciplinary creations for choirs
Pablo Trindade Roballo – Uruguay/Brazil
Sunday December 13th – 12 PM (Uruguay time)

– Choral singing and education
Maria Guinand – Venezuela
Josep Prats – Spain
Felipe Ramos – Chile

– International Day of Choral Singing Concert

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