Corearte Río de la Plata 2020

Corearte invites you to participate in “Corearte Río de la Plata 2020” International Festival  to be held in the city of Montevideo – Uruguay from 8 to 13 December 2020.

Participants will have the opportunity to perform concerts in different venues of great cultural interest and attend excellent workshops with our invited renowned teachers.

Practical Information

Dates of Festival Corearte Río de la Plata 2020

This edition of Corearte will be held in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay from 8 to 13 December 2020.

Festival Languages

Spanish, English and Portuguese


All choir groups in their different categories are invited:

Children choirs, youth choirs o adults, religious, community choirs, Institutes or Universities, professional choirs, amateurs, chamber choirs, ensembles or vocal groups.

Individual singers can also participate under special conditions (please ask the organization).

This event is NON COMPETITIVE.

Participation Requirements

Choirs wishing to participate in this edition of “Corearte Rio de la Plata 2020” must send the registration form (available on our website), brief resume of the choir and its conductor, recent recording of two numbers of the choir’s repertoire (from a performance or rehearsal) and a recent photo of the group and its conductor

Repertoire and Instruments

Corearte provides a piano or an electronic keyboard, depending on the location. If the choir needs other instruments they must provide them themselves. Some locations do not allow the amplification of instruments. Please ask the organization.

The repertoire for the different festival performances must be sent before 1 November 2020. The organization will send each choir the concert times and locations in advance.


Since the first edition of Corearte Festival, workshops on choral singing have been one of the most prominent areas of the Festival, as they give participants the opportunity to work with internationally renowned teachers and share rehearsals with other participants.

This year we will have excellent teachers who will bring different musical proposals to our encounter.

Rio de la Plata Suite

This year Corearte seeks to leave a mark during its time in Uruguay and for this we have commissioned a suite to do its World Premiere on December 12th at the Sala Nelly Goitiño.

Renowned composer Pablo Trindade Roballo (Montevideo – Uruguay), has written the “Suite del Río de la Plata”, a composition whose movements have motifs of milonga, vidalita, tango and candombe, among others.  The work, which is for choir and instrumental ensemble, presents a very Rioplatense character accentuated in the Uruguayan musical tradition.

Catalan music

Josep Prats i Llado (Barcelona – Spain), who has already joined us in previous editions and has had an incomparable career as the head of many choirs in Spain and the world, will work on repertoire for choir and piano by contemporary Catalan composers.

Argentinean music

Néstor Andrenacci, (Buenos Aires – Argentina) will work with music from his country based on works by renowned composers and choral music arrangers; no one else is better suited to work the Argentinean vocal tradition.

Music of the Caribbean

The younger singers will enjoy singing and learning Caribbean music for children and youth choirs conducted by Carlos Rivera Aponte (San Juan – Puerto Rico), musical award winner and creator of very important educational music projects and curriculums.

More information here.

Total hours: 12 hours

Each participating group may choose one workshop and common workshop, at the time of registration (quotas per workshop are limited and in order of registration, at the discretion of the organization participants may be redistributed on workshops, if necessary).

Workshops are held in 4 sessions in the morning. A final rehearsal will take place before the closing concert of the Festival, where the music taught in the workshops will be performed.


The concert venues are chosen for their acoustic quality and their cultural and/or architectural significance, thus providing participating choirs an opportunity to sing in landmark venues of the city.


The activities of Corearte Río de la Plata will start on Tuesday 8 December at 3:00 pm. This schedule is provisional and subject to change.

  • Tuesday 8/12: Welcome workshop activity and concert
  • Wednesday 9/12: Workshops, tourism and concerts
  • Thursday 10/12: Visit to the Colonia del Sacramento and concerts
  • Friday 11/12: Workshops, tourism and concerts
  • Saturday 12/12: Workshops, closing concert and cocktail
  • Sunday 13/12: Breakfast and Farewell from Corearte Río de la Plata 2020

Prices and deadlines

This time, groups will have the opportunity to choose from the following accommodation options from 8 to 13 December:

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation with multiple occupancy and shared bathroom: US$ 400  (four hundred dollars) per person. (Only available to delegations above 18 years old)

3 star Hotel in Triple Occupancy

Hotel accommodation in triple and quadruple rooms with private bathroom: US$ 500 (five hundred dollars) per person.

3 star Hotel in Double Occupancy

Hotel accommodation in double rooms with private bathroom: US$ 550 (five hundred fifty dollars) per person.

3 star Hotel in Single Occupancy

Hotel accommodation in single rooms with private bathroom: US$ 620 (six hundred twenty dollars) per person.


The registration fees for participants must be paid in three installments. These must be done following the time table below:

15 October 2020

$200 (Hostel), $250 (Quadruple/Triple Occupancy), $275 (Double Occupancy), $310 (Single Occupancy)

First Installment

8 December 2020 (Upon Arrival)

$200 (Hostel), $250 (Quadruple/Triple Occupancy), $275 (Double Occupancy), $310 (Single Occupancy)

Third Installment


$400 (Hostel), $500 (Quadruple/Triple Occupancy), $550 (Double Occupancy), $620 (Single Occupancy)

These amount are per person and in US dollars.

Along with the last payment (at the time of arrival) all extra expenses requested by participants must be paid, such as double rooms, extra days, transportation, transfers, etc.


The registration fee will be waived for musical conductors of participating choirs composed of more than 25 singers. This waiver will be considered for one conductor per choir and applies only to the registration fee. If the conductor chooses to stay in a double or single room they must pay the difference.

Failure to comply with the deadlines for payment and submission of information will result in the irrevocable loss of this waiver.


Changes and Cancellations

Payment of registration fees after 15 November 2020 is non-refundable in the case of cancellation of participation. The vacant position may be used by another member of the choir or an accompanist.

In the event of a definitive cancellation there will be a penalty of 150 U$S.

What is included

  • Registration

  • Chosen accomodation in hotel or hostel

  • Breakfasts

  • 12-hour of choral training workshops

  • Concerts in venues of acoustic quality suited for choral music.

  • Rooms for rehearsal (subject to availability).

  • Participant Guide, workshop materials and tourism information.

  • Certificate of participation in the Festival and Workshops

What is NOT included

  • Airline tickets or ground transportation.

  • Transportation during the Festival (please coordinate with the organization)

  • Entrance fees for museums, visits and other cultural or recreational activities.

  • Insurance: The festival organization has mandatory liability insurance for the event but accepts no liability in the case of any accidents and/or illnesses that may occur to participants during the event. Therefore it is mandatory that each participant travel with their individual travel insurance.

Request Information!

You can register to any of our Coral Festivals through this form. You can also register by sending us the information to our email We will contact you as soon as possible to specify the details of your participation.