Corearte Puerto de la Cruz

From April 2 to 7 in Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife – Spain

Enjoy life, laughs, gastronomy, singing, the encounters … the walks along the oceanic coast and the pleasure of resting in this experience designed especially to enjoy the music and the island’s climate.

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife is a well-known holiday center and has a well-preserved old town that was declared a Historic Artistic Site in 1985.

The nerve center is the lively Plaza del Charco. From there you can start your tour through places such as Casa de la Aduana, Casa Miranda, La Peña de Francia Church or the Hotel Marquesa. One of the most bustling and most authentic corners is its fishing pier, next to the fishing district of La Ranilla. Leaving also without visiting the Botanical Garden (created in the seventeenth century) is a real crime.

El Teide is located in the center of the island and its top it’s the highest peak in Spain, with 3,718 meters. Its record also include that it is the most visited national park in Spain and Europe, receiving around three million tourists a year.

Its people, the magic of the Atlantic bathing its coasts, the impressive Teide controlling the entire ocean, its exquisite cuisine and its island character, make Puerto de la Cruz the ideal place for our choirs to have a unique and unrepeatable experience.

A Corearte experience!

Practical information

Dates of the festival Corearte Puerto de la Cruz

It will be held in the city of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Islands) between the 2nd and 7th of April 2019.

Festival Languages

Spanish and English


All the choral groups are summoned in their different categories: adults, religious, community, Institutes or Universities, professional choirs, amateurs, chamber choirs or vocal groups.

Individual singers can also participate in special conditions (ask the organization). This event is NOT COMPETITIVE.

Participation requirements

The choir that wants to participate must send before the 15th of January the participation form of the Festival, as well as a recent recording of a performance or rehearsal of the group, a photo of the group in good resolution, a photo of the director and a brief curriculum of the choir and its director.

Repertoire and instruments

The organization, Corearte, provides an electronic piano or keyboard, according to the location. If the choir needs other instruments they must be provided with on his own. Some locations do not allow the amplification of instruments.


Choral singing workshops are one of the activities in which Corearte pays greater attention. These give participants the opportunity to work with internationally renowned masters and share the rehearsals with the rest of the participants.

In this edition of Corearte Festival Puerto de la Cruz we will feature José Hijar Polo, conducting a participative concert of the “Petite Messe Solennelle” by Giochino Rossini along with Reyes Bartlet Choir of Puerto de la Cruz.


The stages for the realization of the concerts are chosen for their acoustic quality and their cultural and / or architectural interest, thus providing an opportunity for the participating choirs to sing in important places of the island.


The activities of the Festival will begin on Tuesday, April 2 at 3:00 p.m. The Programming of the Festival will combine the realization of the choral workshops, with the tourist visits to the island of Tenerife. Some details of this program may change as the Festival date approaches.

  • Tuesday 2/04: accreditations, concert / show.
  • Wednesday 3/04: workshops, tourism, Participant Choirs concert.
  • Thursday 4/04: free day for tourism and excursions.
  • Friday 5/04: workshops, tourism, Participant Choirs concert .
  • Saturday 6/04: general rehearsal, rest and walks, Concert (workshops presentation).
  • Sunday 7/04: Farewell of Corearte Puerto de la Cruz  2019

Prices and deadlines

The registration fee of the delegations includes stay in a 3-star hotel on half board from dinner on April 2 to breakfast on April 7.
Accommodations available in quadruple and triple, double or single rooms.

Each member of the participating delegations, including choir directors, must pay the following amount according to the requested accommodation in the following three installments:

  • 360€ (three hundred and sixty euros) Quadruple and triple rooms
  • 450€ (four hundred and fifty euros) Double rooms
  • 540€ (five hundred and fourty euros) Single rooms

Dates: January 15, 2019

144 €

First Installment

Dates: February 15 2019

108 €

Second Installment

Dates: April 2 2019

108 € - quadruple & triple rooms, 198 € - double rooms, 288 € - single rooms

Third Installment - Upon arrival


360 € (quadruple & triple rooms); 450 € (double rooms) and 540 € (single rooms)

These amounts are per person and in euros.

Along with the last installment (at the time of arrival and in cash) must be paid the extra expenses requested by the members of the choir, extra days, transportation, transfer, etc..


The musical director of the participating choirs that are integrated by more than 25 singers will be exempted from the participation fee. This Waiver will be considered for a single director by chorus and corresponds only to the fee of participation (€ 360) in multiple room. If the director chooses to stay in a triple, double or single room, he must pay the corresponding difference.

Failure to comply with the payment schedule and sending information will lead to the loss of this Waiver irrevocably.

There are special discounts for early payment, (15/12/2018) check with the organization


Changes and Cancellations

Payment of the registration fee for participants after March 15 is not refundable in case of cancellation of participation. The vacant may be used by another choir member or companion. If it is a final cancellation, it will have a penalty of 150 euros.

what includes

  • Accreditations.
  • Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife on a half board (drinks not included).
  • Fees, taxes and tips
  • 6-hour choral workshops .
  • Concerts and spaces for choir rehearsal, according to availability.
  • Information packet of participation with festival material, workshops and tourism.
  • Certificates of participation in the Festival and workshops.
  • A guide (from Corearte staff) that will accompany the group throughout their stay.

What does not include

  • Plane tickets.
  • Transport during the Festival (we ask you to agree on conditions with the organization).
  • Entrances to museums, visits and other cultural or recreational activities.
  • Insurance: The organization of the Festival has a Civil Liability Insurance for the event but is not responsible in case of accidents and / or illnesses that may occur during the event, so it is mandatory that each participant and companion travel with their own individual health insurance.

Request information!

You can register to any of our Coral Festivals through this form. You can also register by sending us the information to our email We will contact you as soon as possible to specify the details of your participation.