CANTORÍA – Coro de Concierto de la UPRA

Since 1979, the Cantoria – Concert Choir of the University of Puerto Rico  has been a forum for the artistic and academic development of its students. Its members work from a repertoire that includes sacred and secular pieces from various points in history such as Latin-american folk music and from Puerto Rico’s own traditional songbook.

The Cantoria – Concert Choir of the University of Puerto Rico  have undertaken various international tours visiting many countries including the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico;  Miami, Florida and Ohio in the USA; and in Europe, Italy and Poland.

They participated in the 7th Edition of the World Choir Games in 2012 held in the city of Cincinnati, winning Silver and Bronze medal in the categories of Musica Sacra and Folklore respectively. In 2013, they performed in the prestigious world choir festival, America Cantat 7. In 2014, they were awarded the Silver diploma in the category of Mixed Choir in the international choir competition, Coros en Riva del Garda, in Italy. Cantoria Concert Choir also undertook a performing tour around Poland that included their noteworthy participation in the “Universitas Cantat” project and the 3rdEdition of the International Competition and Festival, “Per Musicam ad Astra” in the city of Torun, Poland.