Corearte Barcelona 2012

The Barcelona Corearte Choir Festival 2012 has been an explosion of experiences that has left us with a very positive energy to move forward with our projects.

This year we have had the privilege of listening to music, travelling from southern Brazil through Mexican territory to finally reach the south of France, then flying to the north seeking Norwegian melodies and culminating in the cold city of Krasnoyarsk, collecting the warm voices of the city’s children. Here the Catalan groups were waiting to give the best of our songs, in what became a great musical feast.

Jonathan Rathbone (United Kingdom) offered an excellent workshop of Anglo-Saxon music while Josep Prats (Spain) worked both with poems by García Lorca, arranged for choir by Manuel Oltra, and the sardana, typical Catalan dance and musical form. Basque teachers David and Basil Astúlez Azurza worked with a selection of music for choirs.
Montserrat, Terrassa and Barcelona welcomed our delegations and enjoyed our concerts

A high point of this edition is undoubtedly the master class conducted by Josep Prats with the Barcelona Coral Cantiga in the Auditorium of the Cultural Centre of Terrassa.

The master class focused on the German Requiem by Brahms in the London version, then the Cantiga Coral, soloists Barbara Kusa and Toni Josep Ricart and pianists Surinyac and David Malet, offered the full recital of this magnificent work in a full room which applauded for several minutes at the Catalan musical training.

Workshops, master classes, concerts, walks, good food, lots of activities that made this edition a magical encounter between all participants.
The conductor Rathbone said in an interview for 8TV “Everything is done for love, all the songs talk about love, love moves everything, music is love and this festival promotes music therefore also love among people”