Corearte Lyon 2013

The choral Festival was held with enthousiasm in Lyon to enjoy this great and historic French city

Los Niños Cantores de Morelos (Pablo Puente), the Vocal Group Siinan K’aay (Daniel Vazquez) and Coral Sindilegis (Antônio Sarazate) followed us from Barcelona to Lyon to continue with our proposal, and there we were joined by local choirs, like The Choir of Tomares (Maria Elena Gauna).
An excellent concert of sacred music performed by the Coral Cantiga from Barcelona and Lyon Block Notes gave the opening in the Crypt of the Notre-Dame Basilica of Fourvière.
The concerts were memorable this year, they could not have been better. The climate of this region of France offered a truce of rain to enjoy a high quality musical picnic in the Théâtre Antique de Fourvière (good food and good music … oh and good French wine to accompany)

All concerts were a success of audience and applause, and our players were happy that their chorals proposals were so well received by their colleagues and neighbors singers from Lyon. We closed the festival in the Church of Saint Paul with a full house where we could also listen to all the choirs performing songs from their hometowns to hear the outcome of the workshops where Mexican and Spanish children thrilled us with their proposal handled by Elisenda Carrasco conductor.