Corearte Barcelona 2016

Corearte Barcelona Choir Festival, in this, our tenth edition, provided the perfect platform to showcase a mixture of choral music from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico together with the best of Catalan choral music


A week filled with warmth and friendships formed by participants, punctuated by the creative work carried out at the international workshops, and culminating in the unquestionable quality of the concerts.

The festival got underway with the  Welcome Workshop led by the Basque director, David Azurza  who travelled from the city of Tolosa in the Basque Country to add a touch of dynamism with musical games to begin our adventure of uniting singers through song in the best possible way.

The choral workshops were directed by the maestros Maria Guinand from Venezuela who brought a selection of Latin-American choral music, and Josep Prats from Barcelona who worked on the various parts of Carmina Burna that all participants would perform together with the Cantiga and Sinera choirs for the grand finale of our Farewell Concert.

The youth and children’s choirs worked with the maestro David Azurza on a repertoire of contemporary music and his own arrangements

There were many highlights to the week we spent together during the Festival, all peppered with music, fun and laughter as together we explored some of the beautiful sights that Barcelona has to offer, performing in unforgettable concerts   in Montserrat Abbey, the Crypt of the Sagrada Familia, the Monastery of Santa Maria de la Valdonzella or the in the Monastery of Sant Pere de les Puelles.

One of the most lasting memory for all present will be that of singing inside the Temple of the Sagrada Familia where each group performed a piece of religious music.

The maestro Josep Prats together with Coral Cantiga from Barcelona presented a commented recital of Maurice Durufle; Requiem   for choir and organ which was a musical highlight for all participants.

A spectacular performance of  Carmina Burana in the Atrium in Viladecans was the culmination of what was a thoroughly enriching choral gathering both at musical and personal level. The Carmina Burana version performed was the reduced version for two pianos, percussion, soloists and choir with  David Malet and Daniel García on piano,  soloists Ulrike Haller (soprano), Toni Gubau (contratenor) and  Germán de la Riva (bass), Percusiones de Barcelona and the choirs  Cantiga and Sinera, under the musical direction of Josep Prats

All the choirs have now returned to their respective countries pleased, proud and satisfied and we have already begun preparations for what will be our 11th Edition of Corearte Barcelona next year.

See you at Corearte Barcelona 2017!