Josep Prats (Spain)


“The practice of choral singing in Catalonia has suffered in the last 30 years some very important changes resulting mainly from the political changes that have occurred in Spain,” said Josep Prats, who was born in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, in 1953. He has studied conduction with Antoni Ros Marbà at conservatories in Barcelona and Badalona, ​​Spain. He has also taken courses in choral conduction given by Jordi Casas, Erwin List, Heltay Laszlo, Pierre Cao and Michel Corboz.

He currently manages the Coral Cantiga and the Ciutat de Tarragona Choir. It’s been a professor at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and the Conservatory of Music of the Lyceum, associated director of the Choir of Spanish Broadcasting, and also director of Cantània program, organized annually by the Education Service of the Barcelona Auditorium.