Alberto Grau (Venezuela)

Distinguished composer, conductor, and teacher Alberto Grau (b. 1937) has earned a place of  honor among the best contemporary  venezuelan musicians. Alberto Grau is best know for his work as a choral conductor, but as a composer he has become one of the leading figures in latinamerica and many of his works have been published by Earthsongs (USA), N.J.Kjos (USA) , A Coeur Joie (France), Oxford University Press (England), GGM editors (Venezuela) and receives permanently many commissions from choirs all over the world. His books on Choral Conducting and Composition ‘The making of a conductor’ and ‘The making of the composer’ are references for young conductors and musicians.

In 1967 he founded the Schola Cantorum de Caracas and won First Prize in the 1974 Guido D’Arezzo International Competition in Italy. Since then he has attended many important international congresses and festivals with his choirs such as ACDA Conventions, World Choral Symposia, Europa and America Cantat Festivals. Also he has been invited as a guest conductor, adjudicator, and professor of choral music in Europe, USA, Latinamerica and Asia.