Corearte Senior 2016

Finally, our Corearte Senior Choir Festival was an excellent reality those who participated in it.

The Festival started on Wednesday, visiting the majestic Teide volcano that dominates the island of Tenerife. From the Valle de la Luna and other strategic points, we could see the impressive nature of the volcano and the island, as well as walking, smelling, seeing, feeling, etc.

A good start to recharge ourselves with energy.

After the workshop presentation and an excellent dinner at the hotel, the Iglesia de la Peña de Francia was waiting for us for the opening concert. Everything was ready: piano, posters and programmes, lights, and the church full of a large audience.

We enjoyed a beautiful concert that began with the Senior Choir Reyes Bartlet (ES), followed by the Coro Leonístico de Oro (UY), The Male Choir Gamlir Fostbraedur (IS), and the Grupo Vocal Bilu (UY). Each one presented us a folklore song of their countries.

Then, the Coro Juvenil David Goldsmith (ES), put a fresh note to give way, after its performance, to the Coral Reyes Bartlet (ES), which had prepared two suites for our Senior’s choirs performed under the direction of Maestro Jose Hijar Polo.

On Thursday, the guest masters, Jose Hijar Polo -Spain- and Amarilis Pagan Vilaof Puerto Rico, offered workshops in the morning and, after a lunch buffet at the hotel, we moved to San Cristobal de la Laguna. There, the choir from Iceland enjoyed a guided tour visit to the city and the choirs from Uruguay lived a very emotional moment uncovering a commemorative plaque on the statue of the liberator of their country, Jose Gervasio Artigas.

The concert in San Cristobal de la Laguna was in the Casa de los Capitaneswith a full audience and excellent acoustics. The Grupo Vocal Bilu and The Male Choir Gamlir Fostbraedur presented a small sample of their work, and the Coro Leonístico de la Costa de Oro offered its full repertoire.

On Friday afternoon, after a morning of workshops and a short break, we moved to Garachico to stroll through its narrow streets and flowered squares, a tour along the promenade with its natural pools of ocean water and its windows to the sea.

Our choirs took some refreshments and went on shopping through the craft shops. 

The concert within the cycle “Los Caprichos Musicales de la Isla Baja” could not be more beautiful. An excellent interpretation of the groups where the Grupo Vocal Bilu and The Male Choir Bilu Gamlir Fostbraedur offered their repertoire, the room filled with an attentive audience, knowledgeable and grateful with the choirs.

After the concert, it took place a party in the courtyard of the Antiguo Convento de Sant Sebastián that will last in our memories for a long time. Each choir sang folk songs from each country spontaneously and accompanied by a piano and some drums. We had so much fun, enjoyed an excellent cuisine and danced with each other while starting the celebration of Corearte’s tenth anniversary with a commemorative cake.

On the last day of our meeting, we rehearsed in the morning in the church and then everyone enjoyed free time to walk around the city, going shopping and to the beach or pool. 

The evening concert, again with a full audience, was exciting because, in addition to listening to the songs of the choirs separately, a large choir was formed: the Coro Corearte, which sang the works worked with the guest teachers, Jose Hijar Polo and Amarilis Pagan formed Vila.

On Sunday, we said goodbye with smiles, thanks, and the happy faces of those who were preparing to carry on with the adventure enjoying a few days holiday on the island.

For us, it was an unforgettable experience, having the comfort and satisfaction of a well-done job and being certain that the participating groups are already part of the Corearte’s family. 

And with this energy, we already started preparing the Senior Corearte 2017!