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Corearte International Singing Festival comes to Manizales

The Corearte International Singing Festival comes to Manizales with great masters and the premiere of Fauré Requiem.

Corearte is an institution with more than 15 years of experience in organizing singing, choral and music festivals in Europe and Latin America.

The third version of the Festival in Colombia comes to Manizales from 22 to 27 November 2022

A week where artists from several countries will join in workshops, conferences, concerts and activities around choral singing and symphonic conducting.

In this publication we tell you three details of the International Choral Singing Festival Corearte.

Singing Festival

1. Masters of the International Singing Festival Corearte

The third edition of Corearte Manizales, singing festival Colombia, brings masters from Europe and Latin America to share knowledge in choral singing, choral conducting and orchestral conducting.

During this week of choral and musical celebration, the participants  will perform a common assembly: Fauré’s Requiem.

The maestros Josep Prats, Xavier Puig and Quim Terméns are coming from Spain to lead workshops on choral conducting, orchestral conducting and chamber ensembles.

On the other hand, from the South of Latin America will be maestros Vanesa Utz (Paraguay) and Francisco Simaldoni (Uruguay) to develop choral conducting workshops focused on children’s and youth choirs, as well as choirs for senior adults.

And to close this great group of guest maestros, from Colombia, the renowned master Cecilia Espinosa will lead the Colombian music workshop.

2. Repertoire of the Corearte Singing Festival

At the third version of Corearte Colombia, the participants will be part of the production and premiere of Fauré  Requiem conducted by maestro Josep Prats.

For this concert, the participants will sing together with the Chamber Choir of the Department of Music of the University of Caldas and the Caldas Symphony Orchestra.

In parallel, the adult choirs and singers will perform Colombian and Latin American music under the baton of maestro Cecilia Espinosa.

In the same way, the youngest choristers will be part of the children’s and youth choirs under the guidance of Vanesa Utz.

3. Activities within the Corearte Singing Festival

At the Corearte Manizales International Singing Festival, participants will experience a week of singing and choral conducting full of learning.

For Corearte, sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to promote symphonic music and choral singing.

For this reason, participants will receive workshops with guest teachers, depending on the category in which they are enrolled.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to sing along with artists from different countries, making the event itself an unforgettable musical feast.

Last but not least, the Corearte artists will have concerts in renowned venues in the land of coffee as well as sightseeing tours of the best destinations in Manizales and the region.

Singing Festival

The singing festival Corearte Colombia comes to Manizales to promote choral singing and symphonic music.

From 22 to 27 November, singers and artists from different corners of the world will share their music and culture with the Colombian public.