Travelling is one of the most sought-after objectives for choirs; it offers the possibility to share work with other artistic groups and present work to different audiences.

Travelling allows you to get to know each other, strengthens the image of the choir, and also enriches the personal and professional experiences of each of the singers as they interact with other cultures.

To travel is to gain experience of working in different conditions, with different singers and teachers.

In our Festivals, we offer the possibility to experience all of this, although we understand that sometimes schedules do not align, so for this reason, our technical, administrative and artistic team offers the organization of tours to suit your group.

Corearte offers a strategic plan for each tour with the understanding that our success comes from coordination that is developed in a comprehensive manner, and which combines the professionalism of our service, the empathy and human quality of our staff, and management that anticipates and adapts to constant change, which learns from experience and constantly innovates.


  • Airport Reception
  • Transfers
  • Lodging rating chosen by the choir
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Training with local maestros
  • Organization of concerts
  • Informational material about the cities visited
  • Advertisement for concerts
  • Organization of meals and dinners
  • Organization of guided tours
  • Guidance for leisure time

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Corearte all´Italiana

Before Corearte Barcelona … Girona & Tarragona Tour

Iberian Spring Musical Tour

From 1 to 12 June 2020. From Madrid to Santiago de Compostela, visiting Avila, Merida, Lisbon and Porto. 12 days and 11 nights.

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